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The Bioidentical Hormone Network services patients and licensed medical professionals across Canada from all types of healthcare practices



  • Access direct referral to a BHRT specialist asap (no wait lists)
  • Consultation & lab test are booked within 3 – 7 days
  • Information telephone line for questions


Licensed Medical Professionals/Prescribers in Canada only

  • Support setting up a practice
  • Ongoing support throughout the year
  • Integrating BHRT to your current practice
  • Concierge access 7 days a week via text, phone & email
  • Compounding support with pharmacists
  • Help with marketing, websites, advertising, etc.
  • Live Worldlink Medical CMEs Part I & II with Dr. Neal Rouzier are normally held in Toronto, ON., once per year
  • We will resume WLM CMEs once Covid 19 is clear


Concierge Service

  • All treatment is via custom compounded prescription(s)
  • Free delivery across Canada to all provinces
  • Delivered direct to the patients door – home, office or cottage
  • Discreet, sealed box is shipped via FedEx, Express Post or Purolator – 1 to 2 days
  • Overnight service is also available


**We legally cannot ship to the USA or Europe


  • Book a information call – Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 6:00pm EST Time
  • Request pricing
  • Set up an account to access compounded prescriptions in Canada



Donna A. G. Kingman

Director of Business Development & Communications

Direct Telephone: 647.884.0663 – international cell




    • Need help prescribing?
    • What do you charge patients for consults?
    • FORMS – consent, pt intake history, off label sign off, etc
    • Have difficult patient you cannot treat? Refer them to the us we will assign them a practitioner ASAP – no wait lists



    • Majority of Medical Doctors & Nurse Practitioners in Canada will order serum (blood) tests
    • Ontario  – Serum tests are covered under OHIP (not covered Reverse T3, Vitamin D & PSA)
    • Other provinces – Patients will pay out of pocket



    • Depending on the patients plan & province their based in, most of the BHRT prescriptions are covered under private insurance
    • Prescriptions are not covered under OHIP
    • **Not covered by private insurance HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections or HGH (human growth hormone)
    • Most plans cover Thyroid – Desiccated & compounded T3/T4


    BHRT Rx Support for US or EUR Medical Providers who have Canadian Patients

    • Do you have patients in Canada that need hormones but you are not licensed in Canada
    • We will partner you with a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner
    • Collaborate with a prescriber
    • They will order blood tests, complete an assessment & prescribe for your patient
    • We logistically are able to legally ship Rx’s across Canada via Fedex
    • Free delivery to any province – regardless of order size
    • HGH is cold packed & shipped overnight door to door

    Book a Virtual Meeting

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