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You Take Care of Your Patients and We Take Care of You

You treat your patients using evidence-based medicine because you have proof that your methods will work.  The Green Leaf Group helps your business create predictable profit and financial success in much the same way.  We use traditional business tactics that have proven to work in cash pay hormone clinics and the outcomes are truly astonishing.  We take a three-step approach to helping you achieve that sets you up to win – Step #1 Planning, Step #2 – Implementation, Step #3 – Support.

The founders of The Green Leaf Group run a wellness practice just like yours.  And we have found the secret sauce to running a cash pay practice that not only allows you to do good medicine but make some serious money too!  At The Green Leaf Group we have done what we teach so we know it works. We grow in our practice every day and we continue to teach and share our success with our clients.

Sadly, medical schools don’t teach business or marketing courses.  Most doctors with insurance-based practices just open their doors and wait for the insured patients to come in.  As a wellness cash-based practice, no one is there to guide you and it can seem scary, daunting and lonely.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The Green Leaf Group have created several services that are designed to get you what you need so you have the practice you have always dreamed of having!

Practice Growth Accelerator

It’s so frustrating when you pay for something you think will help your business, but once you get started you realize that it is either going to take way more of your time or a lot more money to get to the point of success. We know exactly how that feels and this program IS NOT THAT!

From the moment we start you will see the difference.  In the 1st 60 days of our engagement, you will be provided with all the tools you need to succeed. Then, we’ll spend the remainder of our time together fine tuning what you learned, working together to implement it all and we will be there to support you at every turn during that first year.  There is so much you get in this program that it’s hard to say it all on this website.  Want to know more?  Visit our website and learn what you get as a growth accelerator.

Sales & Marketing Program

Sales & Marketing Actually Matter.  Most providers we speak to say they HATE marketing. And believe me, we get it!  But marketing only hurts when it doesn’t work.  That is one reason why you want to work with us.  When you purchase our Hormone Sales & Marketing Program, you get 9 proven marketing campaigns customized to your practice installed on an easy-to-use marketing software along with training for your staff on how to use it to get and convert new leads.  Once you get potential patients calling you need to get them on the schedule. So, we arm you with resources that help them stay in touch with leads that don’t book right away so you can maximize on every conversation and help as many people as you possibly can. Learn More

New Leaf Consulting

Have you heard this one? Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.  It sounds like something you would see on a Successories poster (LOL), but this little phrase is actually true.  Solo proprietors can certainly have successful businesses, but partnerships usually have greater and more predictable results.   Two heads are truly better than one, especially when the partnership involves two people that come to the table with different skill sets that each add value to the growth of the practice.  If you are on your own, Click here to and learn how working with The Green Leaf Group can propel your business into victory.

Business Plan Workshops

When a patient sits in your office for the first time, do you start by writing them a prescription and then seeing how it goes?  Of course not!  That would be foolish.  Yet over 90% of businesses treat their business that way.  They open their doors, hire some staff, find some patients, and then watch and see how it goes.  When things “feel” good, all is well.  When things go wrong, they have no idea how or where to make changes and it can be very frustrating.

There is a cure.  And it’s not that hard to do.  All you need to do is make a plan. Making a business plan can sound as fun as getting a root canal, but when you do it with The Green Leaf Group, it can actually be fun.  Click here and find out how and why The Green Leaf Group is so good at helping businesses make plans.

Online Learning

The world of learning has changed.  There are so many more opportunities to pick and choose how you educate yourself on any given topic.  You can listen to a lecture in your car, watch a video, read a book, attend a conference, or go retro and attend a class in person.  You can choose what works best for your learning style as well as your schedule and your bank account.  These days more people than ever are choosing online learning and many in the hormone and wellness health care space are looking to The Green Leaf Group.

When you need help with business development, staff issues, sales, marketing and more, The Green Leaf Group is at your service.  We have taken the hours of consulting that we have done one on one with our clients and turned the knowledge into courses you can watch in the privacy of your home or office at a fraction of the course.

Click Here to learn more about Online Learning

Does Working with The Green Leaf Group Sound Intriguing?

If you have spent some time here and all you have read sounds intriguing, but you are not quite sure if it’s for you?   Then, please join our next LIVE Information Session to learn more about who we are, what we offer and how you can turn over a new leaf and you have the practice of your dreams.

Our sessions are twice a month so pick a time that works for you.  They won’t last more than an hour and they are 100% live so you can ask questions, or you can keep your camera off and just watch anonymously.  It is totally up to you!

Sign Up for a LIVE Information Session: https://thegreenleaf.group/services/live-info-sessions/

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