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Treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. Look for the root cause, together. Give you what you need, and take away what you don’t to allow your body to heal itself: “Get Healed Naturally.” Let’s get you tuned up, feeling younger, healthier, happier, more alive and vital, and harmoniously dancing your way through life again.

Today’s conventional medicine model is NOT healthcare. It’s sick care. Together, I will help you achieve REAL healthcare, through a variety of non-conventional prescriptions, including anti-aging foods, bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements and stress-relieving modalities that will nourish your body and mind and rejuvinate your inner soul.
Forget what you think you know about nutrition (the gateway to health). Even if you think you are eating right, there are so many factors that effect your body’s ability to utilize the fuel available. It’s not just about eating what has been portrayed to us as a balanced diet. Most doctors don’t even understand this, which is why our country as a whole is so sick. REAL healthcare requires the “balance” of all your systems, and you need a functional medicine strategist, like myself, to navigate this terrain with you. It’s key to really feeling vital and alive, and to thrive!
Invest in yourself. No one else will….not your doctor, not your insurance company…it’s up to you. Your automobile needs a frequent tune-up to run smoothly. You do too! Get a once a year tune-up with me and watch the transformation!
I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I move beyond trends and fads and help you discover what works for your body and lifestyle….and allow you to flourish and thrive.
I may be licensed to prescribe prescription medications, but I offer alternatives to pharmaceutical prescriptions and surgeries. If you want to learn more about my story and why I choose to practice differently from other licensed healthcare practitioners, read the “Introduction” to my book, PRESCRIPTION DETOX. You can purchase a copy of my book or get a FREE copy with your Initial Consultation.

“Dr. Cheryl will help you reverse illness, achieve wellness & balance beyond traditional healing methods, so you can harmoniously dance through life once again.”


Through the practice of personalized healthcare and natural remedies, my mission is to nourish and enrich the health of our communities so they will flourish and thrive.