Exhibitor: Marteknology

Marteknology is a software consultancy that provides insights and critical problem solutions around Strategic Application Development, Marketing, Analysis, and Digital Accessibility.

A Hybrid Approach

For the longest time, Marketing and Development have been considered separate departments, typically due to the necessary skill sets and personalities that are required for success within those roles.

On one hand, Marketing

Typically are vibrant, energetic, creative Type-A personalities. Their game is Customer Acquisition. Their tools of choice are Campaigns, Emails, Ads, Social Media, Creativity, Compelling Offers, Lists, and (gasp) XLS spreadsheets.  On the same hand however, extensive data analysis is shied away from has being hard, needing complex software, and worse yet requiring the time of software developers who are always too busy to interrupt.

On the other hand, Engineers

Typically are intelligent, innovative Builders, exceptionally busy creating the next big thing or putting out development fires and other technical emergencies. Marketing requests outside of their meticulous backlog of responsibilities fall to the way side as secondary importance, that all too often don’t get handled.

But what if they were one and the same? That’s where magic happens!

Company Representative

Jamie Layne, Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA)


Phone:  407-587-9610 (EST)

Email:  [email protected]

Website: http://marteknology.com/