We track aging, so you can manage it. 

TruDiagnostic is a multi-omic health data company, specializing in DNA Methylation – a type of epigenetic marker. We offer epigenetic testing services, focused on aging and the health outcomes associated with aging.

Why Epigenetic Aging?

Accelerated biological aging is the #1 risk factor of developing chronic diseases like Alzheimers and Heart Disease.

Biological aging, at its source, is highly controlled by Methylation – the epigenetic markers that our lab analyzes.

By tracking the molecular markers that are changing gene expression for better or worse throughout the body, you can track how their interventions and lifestyle changes are influencing your patients’ aging in real time.

Why TruDiagnostic?

We use DNA Methylation – the best biomarker for tracking aging. It is connected to nearly all parts of the aging process. It influences gene transcription, protein folding, and cellular replication. This is why we’re able to use DNA Methylation to provide an accurate estimate of the other common marker of aging: Telomere Length.

Not only are we trusted by epigenetic research institutions nationwide, our TruAge epigenetic age test is considered an accurate standard of measurement – it is being used in over 21 clinical trials investigating the efficacy of products or treatments that claim to change biological aging.

We only use algorithms that are scientifically validated, and test 900,000 points of methylation. This allows us to offer a lifetime of report updates.

Our lab is CLIA certified and HIPAA compliant, and our R&D team is constantly working to develop new insights into methylation and its connection to human health and aging.

What is TruAge?

The TruAge Complete Collection that our provider partners offer their patients includes all of our epigenetic age reports:

Epigenetic Biological Age – baseline whole-body age.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aging – how your immune system has changed your biological age.

Dunedin Pace of Aging – How quickly your body is aging RIGHT NOW. This exclusively licensed algorithm is the only epigenetic aging algorithm trained on variables of health, instead of chronological years. This means that it’s highly predictive of health outcomes

Telomere Length – A measure of aging based on cellular replication.

Health Insights – Examine the methylation of genes correlated to disease states like diabetes.

Trait Reports – Check how a lifetime of smoking or drinking has impacted aging, and much more!

CpG Loci Beta Values – You will always have access to their raw epigenetic information, if you want to do your own research or double-check the validity of their results with a third party.

Physician Summary – A summary of key data, with research-backed suggestions personalized to your patient’s results to make your job easier.

Because Trait Reports are developed by our own research, all TruAge customers receive a lifetime of trait report updates. Whenever we create a new trait report, all present and past TruAge customers will receive a report update with the new analysis. This means that TruAge will continue to increase in value, even if your patient only ever tests once!

To receive these reports, your patient will need to collect a small blood sample with our at-home collection kit, and send it to our lab. As a provider partner, your patients will easily be able to connect you with their results, and our team is happy to help train your staff on epigenetics, biological aging, and how to interpret our reports.

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