Exhibitor: Thrive Institute Med

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Thrive Institute Med, the source for your Amniosome Practice and more.

Regenerative Medicine, featuring Amniosomes and Peptides.

We provide a Complete Clinic Turn Key Program at NO COST

Offered for the implementation of a Thrive Institute Med Amnisomes and Peptide Practice. 

Best prices for the best Amniosomes.

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Company Representatives

Contact Jeanine Livermore, ND, DC or Mike Clark for a TurnKey Practice Program and to learn how to incorporate Amnisomes into your practice.

Increase revenue and patient outcomes.


[email protected] Tel: 704-441-2378

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[email protected] Tel 512.736.5033


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    Why Amniosomes?

    • Most of the aliments we endure, inflammation, degeneration, joint pain, hearing loss, diminished vision, and others are related to aging.
    • However, damage caused by injuries, insults from viruses, weakened immune system, can happen at young ages.
    • In the beginning (as newborns) we have a HUGE capacity to repair and replace tissues, create new, healthy cells, and heal our body. However, as time passes, our cells shut down, turn off and die. This results in the what we see and feel as aging.
    • While we are alive our body is losing, on average, 300 million cells every minute – blood cells, skin cells, brain cells, etc.
    • We’d soon be dead if those cells were not replaced. For the most part these cells are replaced from pools of tissue-specific stem cells that live inside our body.
    • These adult stem cells reside within every tissue of the body and while we’re young they are able to keep up with the demand for new cells.

    Unfortunately, as we age or through disease, exposure to toxins, trauma, our ability to heal and regenerate declines rapidly.  Amniosomes restores cell-to-cell signaling thereby strengthening our innate regenerative and healing ability.