Exhibitor: GAINSWave

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What is GAINSWave®?

A short answer might be GAINSWave is an entity created to advocate for the efficacy of shockwave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A slightly longer answer is GAINSWave is a marketing company that was designed and built to be a platform to educate consumers about shockwave therapy and assist doctors who would like to provide a new solution to their patients. We know for some men  GAINSWave therapy offers a safe, noninvasive option to surgery or medication for treating the underlying causes of ED.

As part of this mission, we’ve worked with doctors and medical professionals to develop an effective protocol based upon an existing technology that had previously been overlooked for helping patients in this way.

For physicians, GAINSWave provides a turnkey, direct-pay brand that has been successful in helping our network of providers easily add an additional revenue stream to their practices. A particularly powerful tool for edifying a solo practitioner’s or small practice’s independence, GAINSWave’s business-in-a-box deployment can augment existing services for virtually any medical practice.

GAINSWave offers members:

  • An established, popular name brand with national recognition and a competitive pricing strategy.
  • Robust, active community of GAINSWave providers who meet regularly to discuss issues affecting their practices in real time.
  • A quickly deployable turnkey business solution that offers providers a cash-based revenue stream for their practice.
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Company Representative

Andrew Gaitan

Practice Development Specialist

Office: 786-753-7928

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