BHRT Case Study #3: 56-year-old Menopausal Woman, & More

These are complex confusing cases and scenarios that you should be familiar with before you start prescribing hormones because you're going to run into these exceptions.   80% of prescribing hormones is relatively easy, simple, and straightforward. It's the 20% that’s not simple and straightforward that's confusing and  can be challenging.   I'm going to go through some of these types of cases with you.

PLEASE NOTE: these lab case studies are not designed to teach providers to prescribe, monitor or adjust hormones. Prescribing details are covered in detail at  Part I: Discover the Power of BHRT.

56-year-old Menopausal Woman

This lady here is 56 years of age so she's obviously menopausal and is going to need all of the hormones.  She comes to me not on any hormones at all.  Her Baseline DHEA is 74 which is typical.  50-100 is what we typically see but...

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