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the Business of Creating Health
A Hands-On Interactive Workshop

July 10-12, 2020 | Dallas, TX

Course Description:

Clinical evidence-based CME is important.  It provides up-to-date information on current research, emerging technologies and procedures as well as healthcare paradigm shifts and standards of care to keep you relevant and informed.  But what about the Business Health of practicing physicians and providers?  You can’t practice medicine successfully if you can’t navigate what we call the Business side of Creating Health for you and your patients.

That’s what this course is all about and it’s accredited for CME!  We want to help you practice medicine in a transformative way for patients that makes business sense for you. 

The Business of Creating Health is an interactive hands-on course designed to navigate and create the most effective business practice models for ALL types of medical providers and all types of practices.  This includes insurance type practices, concierge and cash pay models.  This course was developed for both the experienced medical provider looking to grow or transition their practice AND the provider looking to start a brand new practice.  All attendees will create an effective business model by learning and actually doing it in groups.

Think of this as a mini business residency program in practice start up, practice transitions and practice growth.  This hands on course will teach the concepts, then we’ll build different types of practices in groups. Along the way we’ll hear all different types of practice case studies presented by your peers on what they did, what worked and what didn’t work.  By the time the weekend is over attendees we will have experienced and created a variety of business models and practice scenarios.  You will depart with new ideas, tools, resources and most importantly an actual plan to implement.  Learn by doing, leave with a plan.  Please plan to join us.

Workshop Schedule

  • Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

    Syllabus Information

    All participants will receive an electronic syllabus with their registration.  The eSyllabus will be available for download at least one week prior to the course.  An email notification will be sent when it is available for download and will include links and instructions.  This early release provides an opportunity to download and review the materials prior to the course. A printed copy of the syllabus is available for $40 and can be requested during your online event registration process. 

    PLEASE NOTE: We request you download the material prior to the event as internet access in the meeting room may be limited.  We will also have flash drives available for those that find this easier than downloading.  The syllabus can be saved in Adobe Reader which allows participants to add "sticky notes" directly on the slide as the speaker is talking. These notes can be saved permanently to your document.  Other recommended applications include iBooks (for Apple mobile devices) and iAnnotate (for mobile devices). Remember, a printed syllabus is available with an option for good old fashioned note taking.

    Course Objectives:

    1)      Evaluate and analyze trends in private direct pay models with ongoing reforms.
    2)      Outline various alternative approaches to private direct practice structures, focusing on integrative models.
    3)      Identify legal compliance challenges and solutions.
    4)      Analyze different practice models and identify a best fit for your needs based on your particular practice.
    5)      Identify and discuss the importance of a business plan, mission, vision and story.
    6)      Examine basic business elements related to accounting and finance.
    7)      Discuss pros and cons of various physical elements of your practice from location, size, décor, signage and operational tools.
    8)      Describe and discuss the importance of your team to your overall success.
    9)      Learn marketing tools and practice clarifying your message so your customers listen.
    10)  Review websites and understand their importance in messaging, form and function.
    11)  Debate the importance of being an expert in your community, what does it take?
    12)  Use practice case studies to refine your own practice model.

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    Day 1: Friday

    7:00 – 8:00 AM


    8:00 – 8:15 AM

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Current State of sick care vs healthcare and why you should care
    • New Options for healthcare, perhaps a new model is needed
    • 5 key reasons why physicians are looking for something different

    8:15 – 9:15 AM

    How to Destroy the 9 Roadblocks Stopping you from Accelerating your Practice

    • Mindset Roadblocks
    • Management Roadblocks
    • Marketing Roadblocks

    Guest Speakers:  Malaika Woods, MD & Tamika Henry, MD

      9:15 – 9:30 AM

      Audience discussion Q and A

        9:30 - 10:30 AM

        Setting the Foundation for a Successful Practice

        • The $64K question:  What do you really want out of your professional life?  What do you want to do and accomplish clinically and professionally?
        • Develop/Refine your unique essential business statements, and your story
        • Philosophy, Mission, Values and Vision
        • Manifesto / Business Plan

        Guest Speaker: Gregory Petersburg, DO

        10:30 – 11:00 AM

        Group Discussion, Q and A

          11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

          The Legal Business Elements of Your Practice

          • Business Models
          • Plan participation & Medicare
          • Private Direct Medicine models: FFS vs Retainer
          • Hybrid Models
          • Pros and cons of each with examples

          Guest Speaker: Jim Eischen, JD

          12:00 - 1:00 PM


          1:00 - 2:00 PM

          The Legal Business Elements of Your Practice Cont.

          Guest Speaker: Jim Eischen, JD

          2:00-3:30 PM 

          The Business Elements Practical Application

          • Structure and elements of your new practice
          • Business formation fundamentals
          • Contracts and consents

          Guest Speakers:  Jim Eischen and Greg Petersburg

          3:30 - 3:45 PM


          3:45-4:30 PM 

          When is it Appropriate to Use HSA / HRA and FSA

          • Practical application and examples

            4:30 - 5:15 PM

             Business Elements Accounting and Finance

            • Budgeting / Financial reports
            • Estimating Start up
            • Business models / what to charge

            Guest Speaker: Greg Petersburg, DO

             5:15 - 5:30 PM

             Recap of days event/informal Q and A

            Day 2: Saturday

            7:00 – 8:00AM          

            8:00 – 9:15 AM

            The Physical Elements of Your Practice

            • Finding the right location
            • Own, lease, or rent
            • Office functions, design, layout and flow
            • Furnishings & Décor
            • Image and signage
            • Operational tools - clinical and Business
            • Equipment, Technology
            • Establishing relationships, business agreements

            Guest Speaker:  Greg Petersburg, DO

            9:15 – 10:30 AM

            Culture Shock!  The Surprising Effect Culture has on your Predictable Success 

            • Discover "the secret sauce" to having a bulletproof, successful practice
            • Learn the tricks to developing a strong culture that nurtures employee happiness
            • Explore what culture really is, how to custom define yours, how to develop a culture with your existing staff and how to keep it strong for the life of your practice

            Guest Speaker:  Jody Layne

            10:30 –10:45 AM BREAK

            10:45 – 11:45 AM

            Transitioning vs. Taking the Leap In Your Clinical Practice: Your Options  

            • Add new services to your existing practice
            • Continue current business and open new (separate) business
            • Transition from your current practice/specialty to a new practice/specialty
            • Make the leap and jumpstart a new practice/specialty
            • The pros and cons: Business / Clinically / Personally
            • Planning and Implementation
            Guest Speaker:  Greg Petersburg, DO
            11:45 – 12:00 PM      

            Group discussion on audience practice discussion pearls

            12:00 – 1:00 PM LUNCH

            1:00 – 2:00 PM

            Clarify Your Message So customers Will Listen:  How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business

            • Learn how to create your message to generate more revenue for your business
            • Understand what your potential patients are looking for and tell your story in such a way people listen
            • Clarify your message and capitalize on your branding opportunities 

            Guest Speaker: Tim Arnold

              2:00 – 2:30 PM

              Creating a Captivating One-Liner

              Guest Speaker:  Tim Arnold (Building a StoryBrand)
               2:30 - 2:45 PM  BREAK
               2:45 - 3:15 PM

               Building a better website

              Guest Speaker:  Tim Arnold (Building a StoryBrand)

               3:15 - 4:15 PM

              Marketing in the Digital World

              • Using your website to generate and capture leads
              • Website content
              • Paid ads vs. Organic searches

              Guest Speaker: Lauren Dolan

               4:15-5:15 PM

              Be Known as the Expert in Your Community.  Increase your impact, have more free time and get paid what you’re worth

              • How to build authority
              • The physician authority formula: 5 keys to being seen as the authority in your market
              • The physician freedom formula
              • Your authority action plan
              • Mistakes to avoid

              Guest Speaker: Malaika Woods, MD and/or Tamika Henry, MD

               5:15 - 5:30 PM Audience discussion on how you have interacted with your community

              Day 3: Sunday

              8:00 – 10:00 AM

              Fail to plan? Plan to fail!  How a 1-page Marketing Plan has an Exponential and Compound Effect on your Practice

              • Learn how a marketing plan can double, even triple, your profits
              • Discover the main tactics that make up an effective marketing plan
              • Understand how to easily execute your plan 
              • Leave this session with your marketing plan done and ready to go.

              Guest speaker - Jody Layne

                  10:00 – 10:15 AM BREAK
                   10:15 - 10:45 AM

                   The Strategic Code for Healthcare Entrepreneurship - 9 Formulas for Success

                  Guest Speaker - Kevin Chan

                   10:45 - 11:15 AM How to Complete a One-Page Strategic Plan

                  Guest Speaker - Kevin Chan

                   11:15 - 12:00 PM TBA



                  Tim Arnold

                  Featured Speaker

                  Tim Arnold is part of the teaching team at StoryBrand Live Workshops and travels the world to help StoryBrand clients through Private Workshops, Train the Trainer programs and Keynotes. He has spent over two decades helping organizations communicate, collaborate and get unstuck, with clients that include The United Nations, Citibank, KPMG, Toyota, and Siemens.  Tim is able to provide his clients with a real-world perspective through his experience launching successful for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, and managing international development partnerships in four continents. As the author of the book, “The Power of Healthy Tension,” Tim is able to help his clients bring communication simplicity to their business complexity. Tim lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife, Becky and their children Declan and Avryl.

                  Gregory Petersburg, DO
                  Faculty Chairman

                  Transforming your business and your clinical practice from an outmoded sickcare model to the healthcare model of the future requires a major paradigm change.  And it can be a daunting task.  Dr. Gregory Petersburg would know.  After 26 years as a successful sickcare provider, he took a leap forward to create a retainer-based lifestyle & proactive aging medical practice, reimagining every aspect of the business and clinical models, as well as the overall patient experience.  It paid off, with a patient base that comes from coast to coast, and a clinical practice recognized as one of the top ten customer experience providers in the U.S for the last 17 years. 

                  As a result, Dr. Petersburg has become a speaker, educator, and consultant for physicians and healthcare leaders on the business and clinical practice of lifestyle & proactive aging medicine, as well as the ‘art’ of medicine. He currently provides consultancy services to practitioners at all stages of their professional career; from those jumpstarting a new wellness or proactive aging business from scratch to seasoned practitioners transitioning an existing business or clinical practice.  Having worked with more than 400 practices since 2006, his unique approach includes private hands-on workshops, onsite facility consulting, clinical mentorship, and specialized software designed for both the business and the clinical practice of lifestyle medicine.  ‘Designed Patient Experience’ consultancy is available to forward-thinking clinicians seeking to create unique and transformative patient experiences.


                  Kevin Chan, DO, MS, FASA

                  Dr. Kevin Chan is the first physician in the nation to be simultaneously board certified in both Clinical Lipidology and Integrative Medicine while supported by his additional credentials in Age Management Medicine, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, Canonical Chinese Medicine, Advanced Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Occupational & Environmental Medicine as well as Family Medicine. Dr. Chan received his undergraduate degree at Brown University while obtained his graduate degree at the University of Maryland. Dr. Chan completed his medical training at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and is the founder of Pineapple Health where he primarily devotes his time and energy to reduce the risks of heart disease through a comprehensive program that help manage his patients’ inflammatory status while overseeing his practice. Dr. Chan is a graduate of the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and is featured in the upcoming Entrepreneur Magazine. Dr. Chan is also the author of the book titled "The Art of Health Your Health Warrior Awakens" and is completing his second book titled "The Strategic Code for Healthcare Entrepreneurship".

                  Jim Eischen, JD

                  Jim is a California attorney with nearly 30 years of experience in business planning, healthcare, privacy, licensing, and regulatory issues (including Medicare compliance, physician compensation, and private direct fee business modeling and compliance).

                  His practice encompasses integrating physician healthcare models via Management Services Organization (MSO) structures, navigating the corporate practice of medicine, and related compliance issues. He advises clients in matters connected to reimbursement, contracts, interdisciplinary health professional employment and labor issues, and and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Jim has done credentialing work for physician independent practice associations (IPAs). 

                  Jim is a national authority on structuring consumer/patient financial contribution and reimbursement models for private/concierge medical groups and healthcare IT product developers to achieve federal legal compliance. He has worked as a consultant/founder with medical groups, electronic health record software firms, cardiovascular testing and health coaching enterprises, and venture capital groups exploring healthcare opportunities. Jim also provides preliminary guidance on practice formation options. 

                  Malaika Woods, MD, MPH

                  Dr. Woods is a double board certified practitioner with the American Board of Obesity Medicine and American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology Institute for Functional Medicine. She is the founding director of the highly popular Woods Wellness Institute and the E3 method. She is the co-author of the highly anticipated newly released book, Physician Unleashed.  As a native of Wichita, Kansas. She earned her Bachelor’s degree, with cum laude distinction, from Wichita State University. As an undergraduate, Dr. Woods was also the recipient of the Harry S. Gore Scholarship, the largest leadership scholarship awarded in the state of Kansas.  She completed her Doctorate of Medicine and Masters of Public Health degrees from the University of Kansas School of Medicine.  Dr. Woods completed her residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. 

                  Tamika Henry, MD, MBA

                  Dr. Tamika C. Henry is a Southern California native who earned both her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Medicine degrees from the University of Southern California. She also earned her Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Irvine. For the last 13 years, Dr. Henry has been practicing as a board certified family physician with emphasis in geriatric medicine at her growing practice, Unlimited Health Institute. She has also received extensive training in the areas of preventive medicine, bariatrics (non-surgical weight loss) and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). She is the co-author of the newly released book, Physician Unleashed


                  Lauren Dolan

                  Lauren is a digital marketer with 8 years of experience building marketing funnels for businesses in the health, legal, and manufacturing industries. She has built 20+ lead generating websites in her career and helped launch a variety of successful local businesses. She is currently the Digital Marketing Specialist at Worldlink Medical and the owner of Salt Lake City Notary Services, a local notary business that generates 50-100 leads per month. She studied Political Science and International Relations at Brigham Young University and is also a former collegiate women’s basketball player. Her specialties include SEO, digital advertising platforms, social media advertising, lead generation, brand building and local business marketing.  


                  Jody Layne
                  Chief Operating Officer
                  Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness

                  With a passion for people, Jody is the proud Chief Operating Officer for Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness in Orlando, FL.  Prior to joining Dr. Carrozzella at FCHW in 2017, she has been a professional marketer, entrepreneur and business development consultant for over 25 years.  Jody has worked with large brands like Toyota and Disney and smaller organizations like realtors and chiropractors.  Under her leadership, FCHW’s revenue and patient base has more than doubled. The clinic has grown from three to nine staff and in 2020 they will be bringing on another provider and opening a second location.  Jody believes the biggest assets to her success have been focusing on making FCHW a great place to work, never letting up on marketing as well as providing extraordinary patient care with evidence based medicine.


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                   EFFECTIVE: JUNE 13, 2020 

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                  *Cancellation Policy

                  Cancellation and/or course change requests received more than 3 weeks in advance of the event will receive a full credit (less a $50.00 change fee) which will be applied to your account as a credit for use towards a future event/service. Any cancellations and/or changes received less than 3 weeks before the event, will incur a $350.00 processing fee and the remaining balance will be credited to your account.

                  Cancellations received less than 3 days prior to the start of the event are non-refundable. No shows are also non-refundable.

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                  AMA PRA Category 1 Statement

                  This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of the Foundation for Care Management (FCM) and Worldlink Medical. The Foundation for Care Management is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

                  FCM designates this educational activity for a maximum of 19 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. 

                  Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in this activity.

                  The ACCME defines a “Commercial Interest” as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services  consumed by, or used on, patients.

                  Nursing Statement

                  Foundation for Care Management (FCM) is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Continuing

                  Nursing Education Group (CNEG), an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission

                  on Accreditation.

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