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How to Achieve Healthy Aging, 2nd Edition, Neal Rouzier, M.D.

Description: The Revolutionary Guide to Restore Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Well-Being. Are you looking for an effective way to balance hormone levels and avoid illness? Aging may seem inevitable, but the negative outcomes commonly associated with getting older do not have to be accepted. In How to Achieve Healthy Aging, Neal Rouzier, M.D., a leading age-management specialist, reveals how optimum hormone levels can greatly improve your health and well-being. Dr. Rouzier explains the fundamental role of steroid hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.) in supporting your health, and how to effectively restore depleted hormone levels with bio identical hormone replacement therapy - hormones that are molecularly identical to the hormones naturally found in your body. How to Achieve Healthy Aging shares many "revitalizing" patients experiences, as well as clinical trials that uphold the benefits of bio identical hormone therapy. Learn how you can feel energized, healthy, and happier with Dr. Rouzier's recommendations for healthy aging How to Achieve Healthy Aging - Dr.Neal Rouzier, M.D.

12 Practical Steps to a New You Forever: From Shame and Sadness to Sheer Bliss, Francisco M. Torres

Description: Perhaps you’ve approached this book as just another one of the thousands of books that are out there covering topics of health, weight loss, and physical transformation. Perhaps you have arrived at this page still holding on to some doubt or fear, however much, suspecting somewhere deep inside that you’re on the brink of yet another let down. The power to change your life for the better is in your hands right now. Life transformation isn’t the stuff of fairy tales and misplaced hope. Instead, life transformation is real and it’s for you, no matter what your own story is or who you may be. The logical possibility of physique change is clear. Most people understand that the human body has the capacity both to store excess fat and burn that fat off. Nutrients can be measured. Metabolic rate can be calculated. The fogginess is purely mental. Beaten down by the oppressiveness of obesity and all that comes with it, some people have stopped believing they can change. Jaded by past failures, they hide their fear in cynical skepticism. Whatever your current state is, or your past, don’t let it define you. You are your potential. Don’t worry about whether or not you believe you can change. Logic doesn’t require your belief. Expect progress instead, as you allow us to assist you in planning a practical approach to weight loss, health, and more


Integrative Men's Health (Weil Integrative Medicine Library) 1st Edition, Myles D. Spar, George E. Munoz


Description: As a field, men's health is far behind women's health in terms of the availability of reliable, scientifically based information that men, their partners, and health care providers can rely on when seeking information and treatment. Moreover, integrative approaches are becoming more popular with men whose healthcare providers understand that most of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in men, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, urologic disease, and sexual dysfunction, can be ameliorated using an integrative approach, with more emphasis on the patient-provider relationship, lifestyle change, and the use of proven complementary modalities. Integrative Men's Health provides an evidence-based perspective on the health problems that affect men and the ways in which such problems may be prevented or treated utilizing a broad armamentarium of approaches - from conventional tools to complementary modalities. All chapters take into consideration of all the factors that influence men's health including body, mind, and spirit in a way that neither rejects alternative approaches nor accepts any of them uncritically.


Textbook of Age Management Medicine Volumes 1 & 2 (Mastering Healthy Aging Nutrition, Exercise and Hormone Replacement Therapy) Jeffrey Park Leake M.D., Todd David Greenberg M.D.


Description: A 21st Century Physician Model For Caring For Aging Patients Sound nutrition, exercise, and sleep are essential to a quality life, as well as a long life. Somehow this simple message is not driven home in most care providers’ educations. Perhaps most guilty are physicians as they are trained to solve problems after they occur. These diagnostic and therapeutic skills are central to caring for patients, but we are also in a position to make a powerful impact with primary preventive therapies, but often do not have the knowledge. Until now. We take the reader step by step through Nutrition and Exercise for all ages, but especially those most vulnerable: the aging. We show why we believe an individualized prescription to nutrition and exercise is the foundation to reducing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and reducing frailty and likely preventing a myriad of other ‘age related’ ailments such as decreased libido, depression, and dementia. We invite the reader to dive in so they can support their patients in living the Good Life—BeneVita!

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